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Lecture 2

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SOCB05Lecture 2Logic of Social Inquiry MeasurementWhat are we trying to measure get out of thisSpending patterns budget credits card debits financially conservative how do we measure all that Measurement leads to conceptualization n operationalizationTerrorism issues mean by terrorismattack against society instill fear conspiring people fundamentalism opposing the government nonmilitary methods feature of terrorism is violence or threatening violence against countries and people but what about animals Killing animals specific species and environmental terrorismThere must be some goal behind it Being responsible abt money how do we distinguishArticle in the Chicago Tributemedia reportread the slideDid abuse really double Its just how it was measured and countedCases like child abuse and terrorism important how you count and what you countMeasurement validiltyhow can we make sure that our measurements are soild and accurateWhat is that we can measure Question abt existencea persons height real and tangible but terrorism isnt we cant really defineRubin measuring romantic love not something real in an actual worldConcepta mental image that summarizes a set of similar observations feelings or ideas theoretical creations that are based on observsations but that cannot be observed directly or indirectlyEg concepts around spending money What does being badly in debtPecentage of income could be 100 000 of debt but if u make a million a year then its on 10 of ur incomeGetting your nails done every week and going into debtnot reasonableStudents bringing a lunch versus buying it in schoolWhat is good to invest your money onThe process of specifyingrefer to the slideIndicator a sign of the presence or absence of the concept we are studying5 of less of your incoming money a level at which you can pay your monthly payments atDimension a specifiable aspect of a concept
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