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Rania Salem

SOCB05; LEC01 - epistemology o what is knowledge o what is the truth o how is it acquired o how is it justified o to what extent could things be known o the premodern approach  making assumptions about reality  so deeply engrained that they were not said to be assumptions  greek mythology; seasons changing o the modern approach  differs from premodern in that differences in knowledge are known as legitimate  dandelion; could be flower or weed  subjective points of view which has no inherent qualities of their own  they are equally legitimate/ valid o the postmodern approach  nothing exists outside the perception of the observer  all that exists is our perception of reality  different for everyone in different situations  only subjective views  no single count of social reality is authoritative  all points of view are valid representations of reality - objectivity; observation that is free from bias o we don’t merely see, but we see things in the way we were socialized  interpreted by our minds  culture, beliefs, expectations, etc. o bias free observation is impossible o most sociologists believe it is possible  through intersubjective testability  2 or more independent observers to agree on what it is they have observed
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