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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 3Slide 3Previously it was said that in social sciences were not studying people but instead were studying variables Generally referring variables to concepts and constructsConcept is a mental representation of a particular phenomenon that you wish to study and sometimes concepts are real as in they are directly observable ie a chairThere are other concepts that we cant directly see so because of that we need to agree upon what they mean These ones are more referred to as constructs We need to construct them together in order to understand what they mean Examples of construct which are just a branch of a concept truth beauty prejudice violence arguable etc Things we need to recognize are socially constructedIn research proposal youll have concepts andor constructs and youll need to tell the prof what they mean If theyre in anyway ambiguous or abstract then the prof needs to know how youre conceptualizing them and how theyll be used in your studySlide 4To conceptualize is to come up with a definition What does it mean What does it represent Because sometimes a concept may seem clear to you but can appear fuzzy to someone else When were conceptualizing were coming up with meaningdefinition for that concept Often times you move back and forth you start off with one meaning then you want to change it a lil bit then you clarify it even further etc Some concepts will have a predefined name and others might be things you give a name to Ie Youre studying a corporation and want to understand those people in the company that bring others together Might come up with a name for that someoneconcept like bridge maker Doesnt exist already but you gave it that name What do you mean by bride maker How are you going to define it Often concepts will have dimensions and indicators Not alwaysWhy ConceptualizeWeve come up with definitions for our terms but why Why do we need to be so clear in our definitionIe Lower social status in college students directly correlates to an increase in religiosityFirst what are the conceptssocial status education religiosityNow what might they mean or refer tosocial status job status powerprestige wealth education grade religiosity code of conduct commitment beliefof times they visit a religious instituteMany ways of understanding what these concepts mean and you have to say which one youre going to use If not prof wont know what youre measuring Different components of a
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