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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05Lecture 4 NotesSlide 2It would be nice for research to just observe all the people to know about everyone were interested in but unfortunately thats not possible Not only is it not time efficient but its costly Because we arent able to observe everyone were interested in what we have to do is called sampling We have a large population and we have to get a subgroup a manageable group of that population to study in our survey for our study design But how do we go about choosing who those people are How do we know were going to observe and who were not going to observe How do we know theyre actually going to represent the larger population Because we dont want to spend time on a group of people who are not going to be reflective of the larger populationWhat is the logic of samplingSo sampling is selecting a subset of observations from a population of interest often with the attempt of generalizing these characteristics from our sample to our populationIe Who do we want to generalize to Who are we talking about in our research question This is what we call a theoretical population We then have to think about access so what population can we actually access This refers to the study population Then it says how you can get access to them or how do you find them these people For some studies well have a sampling frame Finally who was in my study This is your sampleSubset of a population smaller group of the populationSampling frame example if you wanted to study utsc students youd get a list of students enrolled from registrars and from that you pick your sampleSize of sample will vary Ie AdHealth has a sample of about 16 000 peopleOne of the characteristics of a sample being generalizable is it being representative Ie Do results from SOCA01 students generalizablerepresent all university students No why Its an intro course with first years not everyone takes SOCA01 and its at utsc Its not
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