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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 5 NotesSlide 2One approach is not better than the other rather both have their own particular uses and can complement each other in order to answer different research questions Decide which is more suitable to your research question Often times the same research question if we phrase it slightly differently it can be answered through quantitative or qualitative methods So youre not necessarily limited by the content of your questionSlide 3Quan Valuefree meaning theyre not directly interacting with participants theyre looking at survey data So more objective Any question including the relationship between 2 variablesQual If youre interested in looking at how people feel how they understand a particular process what they think about a certain phenomenon More opportunity for the researchers own opinions and perspectives to enter into the researchSlide 4Quan Have to think about what your research question is asking in order to determine what your variables are Ie Factors influencing gays and lesbiansGays and lesbians arent the variables Measuring views on that topic Make sure variables are contextualized in your researcher question Higher reliabilityQual Main concept is usually abstract and multifaceted High validity because participant is able to answer and its reflecting the actual concepts They can ask for clarity repeating the question and make sure were actually answering and getting the questionSlide 7Can describe numerically at different levels This is why when studying contextualization and operationalization of questions and of variables always try to get the highest level of measurement That way you can summarize or condense the info downSlide 8
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