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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 6 NotesSlide 3The findings and generalizability of an experiment can sometimes be threatened when theres an interaction between the testing situation and the experimental stimulus As a result the effect of the stimulus will be contained to that experiment and may not actually happen in the real world Solomon Four Group design is the solution to problems with external validity It addresses the problem of the testing interactions of the stimulus which has been done with the addition of two groupsSlide 4Group 1 and 2 is exactly the same as the classical experiment These extra groups allow for more comparison across the groups to see the actual effect pretest or stimulus Group 1 and 2 if compared should have the same pretest results right If we compare these two the results of Group 1 should differ from group 2 We should expect group 4s result should be similar to group 2s Group 3s results should be similar to group 1s If this is the case then we know the experiment is working and that the stimulus is having the effect If for some reason the results of 1 and 2 differ from 3 and 4 then theres something about the pretest having an effect Problems need more people 4 groups more difficult than a classical experimentSlide 5Sometimes theres naturally occurring phenomenon which tend to approximate the properties of a controlled experiment Researchers take advantage of this in order to test the effects of a variable Ie Cant measure effects of earthquake but can measure effects of earthquake on mental health Some naturally occurring instances divide people into groups on their own Ie Two neighboring citiesone diseased and one nottwo groupscontrolled and experimentalSlide 6Strengths can control all other variables except for your stimulus Why is it helpful to isolate your IV Because you know nothing is affecting it Explanatory researchcause and effect Isolating the cause allows you to talk about whether causality is happening or not or support your hypotheses Can easily be replicated to see how valid they are Slide 10In a codebook its basically a manual to understand which numbers are associated with which attributes of a variables Ie 99missing dataSlide 11Not all codebooks have frequencies Values H1PF4 H1PF5Slide 12
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