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SOCB05 Lecture 8 NotesSlide 11Qualitative research involves finding out whathow people think how people feel and what people know or how they say they think and feel A lot of times what people say arent true or a perfect reflection of whats going on inside but its the only way we can tap into peoples real thoughts Its useful because it allows us to make sense of and interpret different concepts and the meanings they have to people Only through talking to people do you truly understand how they make sense of that concept Some people not even aware about how they feel about a concept until you ask them Because its also difficult to understand what people think and feel its very important to ask indirect questions when doing qualitative research Ie Talk of love study where Ann Swindler asked married couples what love meant She very quickly realizes no one has any idea what love means Each person talks about it in a different way Most people gave an example Researchers job to understand how the example reflectslink it back to the conceptSlide 12Nonpositivist in nature and tend to be inductive People live in multiple realities we are a different person depending on where we are As an interviewer you have to be sensitive to context and dig deep and uncover meaning When interviewing someone its a processinteraction which youre a part of As a researcher you influence the data thats produced The same can be said for the type of person you are just generally speaking Study called street corner society done in England on low educatedlow income males in England If a high SES woman went to do the interview the results would be different than someone of an equal status did This is called reflexivity Quantitative surveys have predetermined sets of standardized questions that are asked in the same order to every individual Interviews come in 3 main shapes structured not very common semistructured and unstructured Given the nature of the interview as semistructured or unstructured it allows us more flexibility If theres a script to follow and someone goes off script youll miss something if you abide to the same questions You can change the structureSlide 13Knowledgeable When engaging in an interview you should be knowledgeable and familiar with your topic so that when people start talking about things you understand know what theyre talking about Clear The questions asked should be clear so that respondents know what youre asking Most of us wouldnt ask for clarification Gentle Should be gentle in your approach to asking questions let people finish what theyre saying and listen to the interviewee even if it seems unrelatedOpen and Steering Should allow them to change the direction and talk about whats relevant to them but not let them get off topic Probes point them in the direction you want them to go
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