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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 11 NotesSlide 2Unobtrusive means not invading or disturbing anything basically not interacting with that which youre studying Unobtrusive method is a type of social science method that doesnt disturb or affect the social environment or social behaviour being studied Slide 3Study of actual rather than reported behaviour meaning youre looking at behaviour and youre not being told about it Ie You know someone whos gone on a diet and after the first week they tell you they dont know why they didnt lose any weight They had chicken salad water everyday and exercisedreported behaviour What happens if you looked in their garbage can Youd probably find more than just chicken etc leftovers in the garbage Can see what they actually ate rather than what they tell you they ate actual behaviour Another example Student tells you they didnt do well but downloaded all lecs and studied them reported but you check to see they didnt actualDistortion of original record meaning the original record might not be a true reflection of whats going on Decontextualising meaning taking it out of context dont know true reasons Ie Dieting one aboveIf the garbage was empty what could that mean Couldve taken the trash out or threw the trash outside of homeate somewhere else Or it has a lot of things in it that you claimed you didnt eat Other people may have eaten itSlide 5There are two things secondary analysis and analysis of existing statisticsSlide 7Existing statistics take and use data someone else collected researcher removed from process so not theyre not influencing analysisSecondary Data someone else collected the data gives the researcher the raw data to analyze researcher still involved in the processExample Durkheims study of suicideno experiment or survey done used data from other countries that recorded suicide rates and used it for his own workSlide 8Problems of validity when something isnt quite measuring what we want it to measure limited to the statistics that someone else has gatheredcreated so they might not have the exact info you want and might not be measuring what were asking in our research question Often existing statistics dont line up with our conceptualizations so were not sure if its measuring what we want it to measure
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