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Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 9 NotesSlide 2Whenever were observing or participating in any social interactions were engaging in some kind of informal field research Field research is probably the oldest type of qualitative research and the oldest type of social science research Also used in anthropology Field research demands a number of strong skills such as the accumulation of empirical evidence documentation of that evidence and the capacity to organize large amounts of information In general field research is a type of qualitative research but within that you use different modes of data collection and different theoretical approaches Youre not engaging in armchair philosophy where youre sitting back outside and analyzing people from afar Youre also not doing something in an artificial setting ie Experiment One of the flaws of other types of research is youre asking people to recall things thats happened in the past Field research helps to overcome that flaw because were looking at the process as its happeningSlide 3Number of different techniques for gathering field research and a number of different perspectives of the approach we take to field research Slide 4Gang Leader For A Day A young sociologist who wanted to study a crackdealing gang in Chicago but he wanted to study them from the inside to understand its dynamics better The book talks about he was able to enter the gang what he learned and what he felt during this field research experience Watch clip Why did Sudhir decide to do field research Not every method is appropriate for every type of social group He tried interviewing them but they thought he was an outsider How did he gain access into this crew Access is a very key thing in field research He made a really strong connection with one person and the person happened to be the leader who gave him entry into the gang Usually in field research you need to have one key informant or gatekeeper that you made a strong connection with that lets you into that community What did he learn They were just trying to survive but the context and area they were in made them seem dangerous Also they help out with the neighbourhood with money too even though they commit these crimes These are things that Sudhir wouldnt have been able to understand if he was just asking questions One good thing was when he asked the leader JT what he did all day because it seemed like he was standing around Sudhir was able to try out being the leader for a day and realized how tough it wasDude Youre A Fag Book about understanding masculinity in high school Watches clip What did CJ conclude from her research What was her major finding The term faggot was used by high school boys to point out when a boy isnt being masculine enough or acting up to the social norms rather than what we think it means Could she have found out this info in another way No Surveys would need predetermined questions and answers Also a lot of times we use words without thinking about why were using them Also CJ probably didnt go in there to
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