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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Kriste O' Neil

SOCB05 Lecture 10 NotesSlide 1In common both types of data analysis qual and quan are looking to reach conclusions from empirical data In both were trying to infer from empirical research in order to reach conclusions Also by using data thats been collected either by ourselves or a couple of institutions in order to analyze or work on analysis techniques Both methods are used for small and large amounts of data Both techniques are looking at comparisons qualcomparison between interviews field notes and quancomparing different types of data numerically The differences between these two are the types and numbers of techniques more techniques for quan than qual different starting points quan starts from numbers and qual starts from a text ie picture article transcript etc see a different relationship between query and data quanprove a theory reason for hypotheses and qualnot proving a theory might use it to inform analysis and different degrees in distance from social life qualclose connection with data and quandisconnected with dataSlide 3Nonnumerical examinationexamination of a textInterested in what the meanings are of the things were observing and what patterns we see in that meaning If were not seeing any patterns or looking at patterns then were not describing a social phenomenon were just descr
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