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Lecture 11


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Katherine( Katy) De Celles

AgendaGroup expansion o What happens when your group gets biggerbiggerIntersection of social circles o Different types of groups that overlap with each otherMetromental life o The extreme social situation of the metropolishow it effects your mindCultureits challenges o Tragedy of culture o Conflict of cultureSimmel IndividualismCultural meanings of individualism o Conspicuous individualismShowoff look at how great I amUnsustainable for obvious reasons o Egalitarian individualismDiscovering who you are is finding that in you which you share with all other people o Qualitative individualismBecoming you is figuring out what is different in you compared to everybody elseSocial conditions that produced individualism o Group expansionThe bigger the group the more the sense of individualityThe smaller the group the less individuality o Intersection of social circlesThe more overlapping groups that youre in the more individualityThe less overlapping groups the less individualityGroup ExpansionExample 2 groups of people o 1 small groupDOL isnt as developedEveryones pretty much similar to one anotherThey can more or less do everythingIts a closed circle
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