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University of Toronto Scarborough
Rania Salem

Syllabus SOCB05H3: The Logic of Social Inquiry Fall 2012 Instructor: Professor Rania Salem Lecture Time & Location: Thursdays 3-5 pm, SW 319 Office Hours & Office: Thursdays 1-2 pm, MW 212 Email: [email protected] Course Description & Objectives: This course introduces the logic of sociological research and surveys the field’s main quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Students learn to evaluate the validity of research findings, develop research questions and select appropriate research designs. In this course you will learn to:  Critically read and evaluate research conducted by others.  Develop a research question and select an appropriate methodology to address it.  Design your own research project. Prerequisites: SOCA01H3 and SOCA02H3 Textbook: Babbie, Earl and Lucia Benaquisto. 2010. Fundamentals of Social Research, Second Canadian Edition. Scarborough, Thompson Nelson. The text is available in the bookstore and on two-hour reserve at the library. It is also available digitally at about half the price of the hard copy at: Requirements & Evaluation: Tutorial Participation (5%) One-hour tutorials will be held each week of the semester with the exception of week 1. Students are expected to complete the reading thoroughly before each tutorial meeting and to come prepared to actively discuss the reading. Your class participation will be evaluated on the basis of the quantity and quality of your contributions to class discussion, your ability to actively listen and engage with other members of the class, and the level of understanding of the reading reflected in your contributions. Tutorial Quizzes (10%) A written quiz will be administered at the beginning of each tutorial meeting to test your comprehension of the week’s assigned readings. First Assignment: Questionnaire Design and Analysis of Survey Data (15%) Students will be asked to devise 5 questions (by Sept. 27) for a survey questionnaire on a predetermined topic to be distributed online via Survey Monkey. You will be required to respond to the survey by Oct. 4. The resulting data will be the basis of the first assignment, in which you will 1) come up with a unique research question; 2) justify your research question using the available literature; and 3) carry out simple analysis of the data to address your research question. More detailed instructions will be distributed during tutorial. The first assignment (3-4 pages in length) will be due on Oct. 18. Midterm Exam (25%) The midterm exam will include material from the textbook, lectures, and tutorials up to and including week 6. The midterm will be held outside of class hours, with the date and venue to be announced once it is determined by the University. Second Assignment: Research Proposal (20%) In the second assignment, students will be given an opportunity to select their own research topic and develop a research proposal for a qualitative or quantitative project that addresses the selected topic (they will not be required to collect or analyze any data). The final product will include an 1) introduction; 2) research
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