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Lecture 2

Week 2 Reading

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Ping- Chun Hsiung

Sociology and Gender Readings 2 The Grip of Culture on The Body- Sheila Jeffreys 90s; disagreement between feminist scholars regarding the extent to which western beauty practices represent womens subordinate status or can be seen as the expression of womens choice or agency The idea that women were coerced into beauty practices by the fashionbeauty complex was challenged by a new breed of liberal feminists who talked about women being empowered by the feminist movement to choosebeauty practices that could no longer be seen as oppressive Women became transformed into knowledgeable consumers who could exercise their power of choice in the market Feminists who argued that womens choices were restricted and made within male dominance were criticized as being victim feminists; making women into victims by denying their agency The Feminists Critique of Beauty Feminist critics of beauty have pointed out that beauty is a cultural practice and one that is damaging to women Question is what harm beauty practices did to women Dworkin analyses the idea of beauty as one aspect of the way women are hated in male supremacist culture -believes beauty practices have extensive harmful effects on womens bodies and lives Also says beauty standards have psychological effects on women Says every section of womens body is subject to modification and alteration Dworkin says the other oppressive elements of beauty are that it is vital to the economy,, and the major substances of male-female role differentiation and the most immediate physical and psychological reality of being a women
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