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Lecture 5

Week 5 reading notes

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Week5:SOCB22: Hegemonic Masculintiies: - Hegemonic masculiniy t is a contesed concept. - Yet the issues it nmes are very much at stake in c ontemporary strug gles about power and political leadershi, public and private violence, and changes in family and sexuailty. Origin, Formulatio n and Application: - The concept of hege monic masculinitie s was first proosed in reports from a field study of ocial inequality in Australianhigh schools; in a related conceptual discussoi n of the making of masculinities and theexperience of mens bodies ; and in a debateover the role ofmen in Australian labour p olitics. - The high school po rject provided empirical evidence of multiplehierarchies in gender as well as in class terms-interwoven with actv i e projects ofender constructions. - The beginnings wee r systematized inan article, Towards a NewSociology of M asculinity, which extensivelycritiqued themale sex role lie t rature and proposed a model of multipe l masculinities and po wer relations. - The Gramscian tem r hegemony wascurrent at the itme in attempts o t understand the stabilization of css relations. - In the context of dual ystem theory, the ideawas easily transe f rred to the paralll problem of gender relations. - Power and differenc e were the core concepts in the gay liberao tin movement,which developed a sophisticated anay lsis of the oppression of menas well as oppresso in by men. - Some theorists sa w gay liberation as bound up with an assautlon gender ster eotypes. - The idea of hierarchyof masculinities gre w directly out of omosexual mensexperiencewith violence and preju dice from stragi ht men. - The concept of ho mophobia origina ted in the 1970s and was alread y being attributed to the conventional male o rle. - Theorists developed in creasingly sophisticatedaccountsof gay mens a mbivalent relationship s to patriarchy andconventional masculn iity. - An equally impora tnt source wasempirical socialresearch. - Finally, the concept was influenced by psychoanalysis. N Freud himself producedthe first anay l tic biographiesof men and, in he Wolf Men case history, showed h ow adult personaliy t wasasyste m under tenso i n with counter currents repressedbut not oblitera ted. Formulation: - What emerged fo r m this matrix in e mid 1980s wasan analogue, in g ender terms,of power structure researchin political sociology-focusingthe spotlight on a d ominant group. - Hegemonic masculiniy t was understood as the patten r of practice (i.e., this done notjust a set of role expectatoi ns or an identity)that allowedmens dominanceover women. - Hegemonic masculinite is as distinguised from othermasculinities, esp ecially subordinated masculinities. - Hegemonic masculiniy t wasnot assumed to benormal in the s tatistical sense;only a minortiy of men might enactti.
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