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Week 11 Lecture

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Julian Tanner

School organization from small and traditional to large and comprehensive the shopping Mall High SchoolSome changes taken place in school organizationIn essence how little schools on prairie bring us to shopping mall high schoolReaction to shopping mall high schoolspread of rise and development of private education in Canada and growth of specialty schoolsIn premodern times schools were very small and schooling was fairly informalThere would be no formal lesson plans from the teacher the curriculum would be very much done with particular teacher no guidelines of what curriculum should look likeTeachers werent trained or certified education was informal processLikewise school boards were very small and controlled relatively small number of schools and were decentralized all over the placeSchools and educational systems have become larger more bureaucratic and rationalized over timethFast forward20 century schools are not only become larger theyve also become more bureaucratized and rationalizedDG no more schools in prairies more like office schoolsCurriculum and recruitment of teachers placed in the hands of school board impose separate curriculum and tell teachers what to teach on given dayweekTeachers need to be trained and certifiedIncreasingly since World War II the schools mission has been one of universal education graduating as many students as possibleThe notion of school society amongst the most significant changes are postwar changesThe mandate of public education has changedBack in the premodern times most people did not go into school at all even when they went into school they left very earlyEducation was for elite that representation has changed in postwar yearsIncreasingly the mandate of the education system has been education paroleNo longer education was for elite it was for everybodyThe driving force behind universal accessible education is the education is responsible for cognitive skills that society needs that will provide young people the training to get the good jobs in societySchools number one goal is to retain as many students as possible to have 100 high school population graduating from high school and to reduce the dropout ratesMotivating large numbers of diverse students is a difficult taskThis ambition created motivational problems in schools and for teachersIn the past 1930s and 1920s any kind of unambitious nonacademic students were gently stared by teachers towards the labour marketBy in large you had a motivational problem when youre encouraging more people you encounter more students who are resistant to idealized school
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