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Socb26 sociology of educationLecture 1Introduction1 Education a vital par of modern lifey Increasing many of us will go on to do masters y2 In the past formal education only of interest and importance toa select fewjob skills learnt informallyMost people did not finish high school3 Contemporary situationEducation a crucial prerequisite for a successful adult life Young people minimally expected to finish high school University enrolments have never been higher 4 Why Is education become of everincreasing importance 5 What is education thy until 19 century education was prerogative of an elite pumey that elite pume That did get an education had to do with such grandier notions their reasons for acquiring education had very little to do with the practical demands of the work world y that connection is key to why we connect such importance to education y the reason that we are in university is because we realize that getting a degree probably stands as our best chance in getting a decent job except for talented people that can do sports music etcy anything regarding a good job means get more educationy jobs 20 or 30 years ago would have just needed a high school diploma but these days we need university degree y adolescents learned about the jobs acquired the skills that th
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