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Lecture 2socb26 Socializationy Schooling socializes people prepares the next generation of adults y School culturally transmits knowledge values to the next generation y One of the sociological theorists was Emile Durkheim y Durkheim like Marx and Weber was very conserved with social changes that were going on in the th19 century and as a result of how he interpreted the social changes he ended up identifying a very important role for mass schooling y First of these changes Durkehiem was interested in was industrialization the idea that societies were becoming less based on agriculture and more based on factories and industry thy More political systems were taking the appearance of democratic system as 19 century progressed y The vote was being extended to greater proportion of the society starting to increase emphasis on individualism individual rights justice etcthy At the same time 19 century societies were starting to see a decline in religion religious influence was becoming less and less y Durkheim was concerned about how society would get their values and how they would be able to control their citizens without religion o Educational systems was the answer he came up with o Thus Durkheim was an advocate for mass schooling not just for elite but for everybody Questions that have come up y Has the decline of religion made it difficult for schools to impart and transmit any greater moral codes to students y Are schools capable of transmitting to students a
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