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Lecture 3 socb26 Selection y In the past status was inherited y However you cant inherit educational qualifications How do parents pass on their advantage to their children y Educational selection takes two formsThis arrangement can still be spotted within the TDSBMost of us would have gone to collegiate institutes most of us would have taken university preparation courses o The educational system is itself stratified o StreamingInternal to the school themselvesSelection process that happens within canadian schools In states it is referred to as tracking Streaming is the practice of sorting and categorizeing students in different ability groups and its earliest developed variant you would have an upper screen students of which would mostly head towards uni and lower tier would be offered vocational trainingIn Ontario until late 60s and early 70s students were clearly springed into separate and distinct programs y Vocational programs lower end o Made to directly entire job force y Academic programs geared towards post secondary education y These programs would have its own course requirements its own exams its own diplomaAt age of 11 prof found himself at lower 2 Things have changed now students stream themselves by choosing their own cour
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