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Lecture 2

Week 2 Lecture Note

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Julian Tanner

SOCB26 WEEK 2 LECTURE January 18, 2011 Education system operates as a meritocracy institution in society Prof. J Tanner where talents are discovered by teachers We graduate from the educational system with different badges of Structuralism has meritocracy as well ability Regardless of social background of a Educational selection is linked to student, the equality of education is inequality supposed to reward every individual Competition for the best jobs is Conflict theory meritocracy is a intense who gets them and how? nice idea to describe how it is that Structural functionalism: education educational system allows high status parents to pass on their wealth of selection is a meritocratic process power on their children Conflict theory: it is through the th educational system that high status In the mid-19 century, Durkheim is concerned about religion as a moral parents pass on their privileges to their children force in society Education is linked with why there Schools socialize people and help transform children and adolescents are inequalities in society into adults Inequality associated with occupation more stable, gets paid Schools also pass along facts, values and knowledge from generation to more generation Pre-requisites have gone up to get the Cultural transmission better jobs it all comes from education The school curriculum concerned At no other time in human history about moral education that education is so important for New questions, new debates about success in getting good jobs what schools should be culturally Best jobs have low supply because transmitting many more of us want to become The Big 3 in sociology Durkheim, doctors and lawyers Marx and Weber Who are the people who get selected in the best positions? 1
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