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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Julian Tanner

Lecture 9 Documentary - Who Needs Boys?  Boys raise their hands even when they don’t know the answer.  They go in the teachers face and are impatient and want to be called on.  Teachers normally call on boys first because they raise their hands quickly than girls who think about what they’re going to say before.  If students are never called on, they never raise their hands. The same happens in college/university and in their career. Why Might Girls Benefit…  Boost self confidence because they aren’t sexually harassed, teased, threatened, bullied, etc.  Girls date boys who are not academic and in class they don’t want to look smarter than their boyfriend so don’t answer questions, etc.  Teachers expect less of female students.  All girls school are selective and the girls who attend have been selected either or both of passing of examinations or on the basis of educational attainment.  These single sex schools are mainly private schools. They have been selected because they are high performing students or selected on the basis of their parents being able to pay the fees.  The parents that send their kids here come from affluent or high status backgrounds, which is a predictor of academic success.  Reflections of the higher academic ability of the girls attending the school or the home background, i.e. wealthy parents that help them get through the school - (we are comparing apples with oranges-it is not a fair test).  It’s not easy to do definitive studies because many of the available single sex schools are selected. It has a biasing effect on the results. Girls do better in single sex schools because they have higher ability and come from home environment, which lends itself to academic success. The other point is that this debate of single sex versus co-ed school is that the kind of school you go to has a crucial impact upon your educational attainment. More important then the kind of school you go to is the home environment you had.  Advocates of single sex schools are exemplars of the school you go being more important than your background.  There is one part of the world where there are natural conditions that allow for a better test of the argument: New Zealand. This country has private schools and public schools. What makes New Zealand different from Canada is that in the public school system, there are a number of single sex schools. New Zealand Study  Study examines academic performance in New Zealand grade 9-10.The academic performances they did was for attainment in English, math, physics, chemistry and biology. Males  Males encounter relatively few male role models in elementary school.  Males would be favorable towards education if males taught them during their younger years.  Males would benefit by being taught in a single sex school. Why Gende
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