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Week Six October 19, 2010 Classic Sociological Theory I-SOCB42-Lecture 6 Marx Biography - Born in 1818 - In contrast to comte, Marx did not believe that science would build a new society of order - Did not believe that spiritual beliefs brought society together - What we experience as our ideas is really a crisis as how we work in our labour life - He thought the reason the French revolution was still in chaos was because of capitalism - Is responsible for huge social movements - His parents came from Rabbis - His parents were Jewish but his father was a child of the scientific enlightenment - Marx and his family switched to Christianity - Went on to study law in Germany - Went to the university of Berlin so he could be where the action was - There he fell into radical circles who followed a philosopher names Hegel - At the time he was the most important philosopher in Germany - He got married and moved to Paris - He started spending all his time reading Adam Smith - As he was doing that he met the key players in the radical scene at the time - Marx met Engels who became his collaborator. He knew the ins and outs of how factories really worked - Through him Marx met many of the radicals and in that environment everybody believed that there was going to be another revolution - In 1845 Marx and the radicals were forced out to paris so they went to paris and joined a group that was called the league of the just - The communist league asked Marx and engels to write a book on the communist manifesto - In 1848 revolutions broke out across Europe. This was great fro marx and his friends. They were going to do just what the new industrialized classes had done for the aristocrats. They lost terribly and the movement was shattered
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