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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dan Silver

Required tutorials tomorrowComte readings are on BBlook at announcements for what pgs to readHistorical Causes of WealthNatural Progress of Opulence Smiths word for wealth inhibitors FeudalismMercantilism will be discussed next weekGovt and its duties in regards toDefense justice education religionConflictinequality built into societySmithfirst emergence of a society Up until him the two main branches of knowledge were physics and moralityethicsHe said the market has its own gravity that runs itMarket is independent of peoples moral decisionsClass conflictbe suspicious of what the owner says they are only interested in making profits Ignore their qualities but examine their social standingqualities Universal vs historical causesNatural progress of opulence according to Smithagriculturemanufacturingforeign trade farmersmanufacturersmerchant country side citiesinternationalwhy is this the natural wayReason 1subsistence means take care of basics first before luxury pg 482Reason 2moral claimfarming is the best kind of life pg 483 he talks about the beauty of nature and the country As you go up the scale you lose more control of your life production have less stability Smith says if one had the choice they would rather be a farmerReason 3country city interdependencegrowth of city is dependent on growth of country Country has farms which grow crops livestock and they get shipped to cities refined and fixed and sold for profit That way cities can grow Smith realized no one in history followed his It actually developed backwards This raises the questionwhat blocked the natural progression in Europe The two inhibitorsFeudalism1The fall of Romevery complex civilization road systems engineering plumbing buildings military structures arts and culture 1617 C Europe was seen to be lesser than Rome500 AD Rome collapsed They were defeated by Barbarians aka Germans Europe went into the Dark
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