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Lecture 5

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Lecture 5SmithReligionMercantilismComte BioSocio in hierarchy of sciencesNature of sociologyOrderProgressWorkeconomymarketWhen cana govt contribute to making the popn productiveReligionVery important to citizens energizes them religion had more effect over lawEstablished politically acceptedNonestablished freedom of religionOriginPolitical conflictsImpartialitydo what you want in your places of worshipEnergyLowno more need to recruit peopleHigh constantly recruitingInterestsMaintaining authoritypeople must No longer to be the absolute authority but to believe this religion and onlyconvert people and maintain moralityDangersMultiple authoritiesgovt vs religiousLow tolerance is developed of other religions competition breeds mutual understandingproblem for governmentsGovt Govt because dependent on priests so they Maintain justice education cultural policiesrolehave to manage incentivesdo to priest like the baronsUrbanization is a source of religious social behaviour commercialism promotes moving into cities In the coutry everyone knows youfamily are but in cities you do not know anyone People will be more inclined to form little cults that are superstitious disciplined segmented from society apocalyptic pg 1004danger according to SmithPg 1005cities have a lack of public life Cities were dirty Only the rich got to see plays shows and enjoy themselves Religious movements were a big thing Cultures provide these things and make the city more enjoyable and prevent these negative cults from formingIntegrity purity of faith is not an established religion but works out to be better
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