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Lecture 4

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Dan Silver

Comte order and progressSource of social order1Languagea container medium used to communicate but it doesnt have content or direction on how to think2ReligionHow is religion a source of social order Basic underlying common beliefs and values that a community share Source of order because a religion connects you to others and goes beyond ones personal needs It legitimizes order It gets people to accept what the government says religion consecrates laws3Division of labourit generates interdependence we focus on one jobs so we have to get things from other people It makes individual talents publicly beneficial Everyones talents can be brought to light to better all people It reduces the likelihood of alienation because everyone contributes For exampleGreed speculation competition risk taking are not always bad things ex Banking investmentsIdeas of Comtes DOL vs Smiths ideasComte has an emphasis on how the DOL contributes to social solidarity For Smith the DOL and its contribution to economic activity Comte focuses on the DOLs conflict with solidarityYou focus on one task and you only mix with people in your occupation Therefore your solidarity will be more attached to that one group rather than the rest of society as a whole ex Lawyers care about lawyers Smiths solution to his problem was education Comte focuses on society not the individual Comtes solution to this problem is that it provides a special social function to the government Govt is the one institution that keeps society as a whole national solidarityfestivalsProgressProgress doesnt focus on structure of society but the movement Society is dynamic1Rate of progresswhy do some societies change faster than others Mortalitybirth ratesless deaths cause slow movement Older people do not like change If there are more young people it will change frequently Comte thought the ideal rate is in between Too many young people are less matureDensitya lot of people in a small area The DOL high population density increases DOL which increases rate of development It encourages competition It creates a critical mass of special talents In high density places these rare people get together Boredomboredom causes more changes One looks for new and innovative things Comte thinks that boredom is unique to humans only Sometimes we have skills that cannot be developed because we are couch potatoes cant cultivate our skills
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