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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Dan Silver

SOCB42 Lecture 8Communist manifestoAs literatureHistory as class struggle bourgeoisie proletariatRevolutionCommodities are supernatural thingsManagement classeschanges your views Dont enjoy music but how to sell it and make moneyCommunist ManifestoIts a piece of propagandaway of getting people to get around universal goalsOnly Marx and Engls believed in communism can be seen as a prophetic text sounds like the Old Testament According to prof its made up of three parts1An ode to the bourgeoisieFirst capitalists to push human processes massive cities railwaysThe book opens up stating that the person to be defeated is actually a hero2The tragedy of the bourgeoisieBy doing good you end up destroying yourself digging your own graveIn the C Manifesto the Bourgeoisie good capitalists they created capitalism and private property They produced the most wealth ever before In doing this they created the Proletariat Class The same people who brought them down3The proletarian wage labourers comedy CommunismComedies always end with resolution and harmony not funnyGo through an inferno of capitalism but we will go to the other side people will work to their abilities we will be compensated to our fullest needs Communist dream hunt fish read poetry and philosophyHistory as Class StrugglePage 473history of all previously
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