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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Dan Silver

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SocB42 lecture 10Individualism and Social ControlSocial relationsThe future of democracyRevolutionCentralizationCulture contdLanguagesIn Aristocracywords tend to last do not change oftenthe world doesnt change as much eitherElites are the ones who do make new words if any philo and poetryUsually ancient words such as Latin GreekDemocracypeople move up and down always changing new businesses new wordsNovelty is good in democracy language must always changeWords come from politics pop culture business classes countriesaccepted by allHistoriographyAristocracyopinions thoughts affairs of the elites make things happen and makes changes ex king wants to change his religion marry someone new etcDemocracyevery individual is weaker than everyone else No one really stands out Historians do not write about individuals but of groups movementsFateDevelopment of nationGeneral abstract non individual Tocqueville thinks this is dangers because we think of ourselves as carried by a tide cant influence it just go with what happensIndividualismand Social ControlAristocracywhat I do now affects my family generations after me
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