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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Dan Silver

SOCB42 lecture 11Tocqueville CentralizationSocial standardStandard set of laws central authority built into democracyPeople in democracy have an emotional sense of giving power to a central institutionWe feel resentful when we see people higher than us getting certain thingsDemocracies take away privileges govt should be abstract universalTocqueville was worried aboutCentralization is being like mom and dadyou go to the state who will take care of youThe state takes away children for 810 hrsgoing to school This was set by someone you dont even knowUSimplanting birth control into lower class womenSmoking is banned in the workplace and bars truckers cant smoke in their cars because it is their workplaceBanning of transfats fast food sugary confectionaries Ts nightmare soft desperatism pg 662would degrade man without tormenting them more intrusions into our lives than ever beforeex right after 911 there was a surge of people to serve the country and people who wanted to form support groups president told people to not do this but to go shopping and lives your livesThis is not inevitable you can make changes1If the country has a tradition of freedomif everyone can exercise freedom and have public discussion it would prevent2Violent revolutionthat country is much more likely to go against this Stronger sense of central authority3Education level of a country entering into democracyless likely to develop secondary associations these things need coordination leadership intelligence to plan etc
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