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Lecture 4

SOCB42H3 Lecture 4: Sociological Theory I Lecture 4 Karl Marx Capitalism

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Sociological Theory I Lecture 4 Karl Marx Capitalism, Commodification, Revolution, and Communism Theory as Critique • Pre Reading for active, critical engagement: - Read with a double lenses look for suggestive language What are the background gap argument? - Concept mapping c map as you are reading gathers ideas • Smith-wrapping up wealth is a social product, Marx challenges smith • Smith’s main ideas: capital replacement, minimum wage, second propensities as human, lack of progression in the division of labour occurring historically, smith explains how wealth is a social product. • Karl Marx: - Lived after Adam Smith read Smith’s works - Also looks at how wealth is a social product - Has very different ideas about how we should organize what wealth is, what wealth should be and what society should look like - Known for his critique. - What seems natural actually product of society. • Marx and Critique: - immanent critique: to judge is internally at odds with itself, shows us ugly truths and forces us to confront them. - Marx this is what society say its doing but looking deeply at what is actually being done. Forced to look at ugly truths. • Materialistic lens on human nature: -
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