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Lecture 5

Week 5 Lecture

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Dan Silver

Comte1Historybiography2Classification of sciences3The nature of sociologyatasksbobjectscmeans4Orderaindividualbfamilycsociety5ProgressaratebdirectionclawsHistory of Comte 18781957coined the term sociologycreated public citizenshipneeded guidance of social orderCharles Fourier reorganize societyComte was assistant of SantSimonscience and industry lead to scientists and industriesComte thought that ideas drove history but SantSimon did not think so so broke upClassification of Sciences where Sociology fit inplotted on graph xaxisgeneral to specific yaxissimple to complexorder from generalsimple to specificcomplexmathastronomyphysicschemistry biologysociologySociology is most complexeach science allows us to understand laws to explain events to know our limitssociology explains social eventsTheoreticalAppliedastronomynavigationphysicsmechanicalnuclear engineeringchemistrychemical engineeringbiologymedicine agriculturesociologysocial engineering criminology social work educationsocial lawswe understand things that we cannot doThe Nature of Sociology special things that make Sociology what it istask of sociology is to provide positive scientific understanding of societytalks about theological explanations and metaphysical explanationstheological seek explanation for events in will of supernatural beingmetaphysical seek explanation of nature of entities to behave in that way
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