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Dan Silver

SOCB42 Lecture 1 September 5, 2013 Why do we question rules, charisma? Why theory? 1. intellectual power  needs theory to make sense 2. greater sophistication  have meaning 3. conceptual tools  like concepts of division of labour, commerce, democracy Classical Sociological Theory - first rank  what to preserve, copy, emulate - last a long time - generative  learn something new about it, keep coming back to it - world defining  define certain way of thinking and feeling o ex. what it means to be loyal, how to live o defines to do something - based on the assumption that sociology is more on humanities “Democracy in America” - show what it looks like to live in an alternative world - some beings are just naturally more superior - quality is basic value - gives proposition/theories on how the world works, argument about nature o necessarily capitalism will lead to rendition [Marx] o society as market generates inequality [Adam Smith] o makes us more mediocre in trying to be like everyone Theory [Greek] - theatre  looking and watching - definition  to look at - step back and look and think about what is happening 1. abstract vs. empirical o trying to rationalize what everything means above just facts 2. general vs. particular o idea about the general process rather than just one case
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