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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dan Silver

SOCB42 Lecture 1 September 5, 2013 Why Theory? - You have a theory about other people, you are a sociological theorist o That person is just in it for the money o That’s a Canadian thing, Chines thing - To be a sociological theorist… 1. Intellectual power 2. Sophistication 3. Conceptual tools Classic Sociological Theory - Classical 1. o First rank, the best, excellent o Things that people want to copy or learn from, or preserve. o Like a classic rock album, or car. 2. o They last a long time o Not a summer hit or one hit wonder o Will call me maybe last? Probably not. 3. o Generative- allows you to connect to other people, they can generate something new. o You can keep reading classic books and keep learning stuff from them. 4. o World defining- bible o Science does not have classics in the same way. You would not open up a great scientist book and start reading from it to learn. They are examples. o But you would read Shakespeare books to learn from them. - Theory o Sounds like theatre, both mean looking and watching o Step back from daily life and look at daily life objectively. We learn about theory’s by seeing what they are not 1. o Abstract vs. empi
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