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Lecture 4

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Dan Silver

Classical Soc – October 12 – Lecture 4 AGENDA - Smith : religion/mercantilism - Compte o Biography o Sociology in hierarchy of sciences o Nature of sociology o Order (how’s it’s produced and maintained) o Progress (what evolution means, how societies get better) - When and where can government contribute to making the general populous more productive? - Religion is one of the most significant aspects of society- it’s going to energize them and lead them into following what the government has to say. In this way, religion and government are very interconnected, Established Non-Established Origins POLITICAL FIGHTS/CONFLICTS IMPARTIALITY The religion helps the government take power, and now the government owes something to the religion. Energy LOW HIGH Religion doesn’t have to work as Since no one is guaranteed to be much to convert the people, and the winner, you have religious so energy and efforts are low. entrepreneurs. People are trying to get conversions. Interest MAINTAINING ABSOLUTE CONVERTING PEOPLE; AUTHORITY MAINTAINING MORALITY If there’s not government propping you up, all you have the purity and integrity of your own faith. This is much more likely to become socially influential. Danger HIGH; MULTIPLE AUTHORITY LOW  MUTUAL Is your loyalty to the UNDERSTANDING government or to religion? Social danger is low because if Begins a conflict between the every religion is in competition government and religion. with every other religion, no single one is ever likely to dominate the bunch. Thus they’re likely to develop tolerance of the other religions and may try to understand where the other religions are coming from. URBANIZATION Social danger that arises from commercial societies. More and more people move from the countryside into the city. When cities grow big and an individual just becomes a face, then religious cults become popular
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