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Lecture 3

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Dan Silver

SOCB42Week 3 Lecture 3 Commercial society produces peaceful societies Would Adam Smith agree or disagree with this statement and why Due on Monday October 7 by 430 PMCan use I Your point is to make an argument Propensity to TradeMarketsDOLSkilled LabourNational wealthCommercial Society Increased productivity by DOLPropensity to Better ConditionSaveCapital Accumulation Productive workers National WealthCommercial Society Persuasion to get people to change their views of the worldoThe life of the workerContribution of the worker to the world oThe best life would to not work people work to stop working Commercial Society What is commercial society Major oPage 33 Money Limits of Barter oPeople naturally exchange therefore the natural thing to do is to trade what you have to achieve what you need oDifficulties Peoples refusal to trade certain items Double contingency of wants oGoldCommodity that everyone will takeeverybody wantsaccept With gold the number of people that will trade with you and the ease of trading will increase Money is an abstract theoretical ideaconcept Page 33 What qualities make for a good type of money oLasts
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