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Lecture 4

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Dan Silver

SOCB42 LECTURE 4 OCT 3 2011 UNIVERSAL CAUSES OF WEALTHRooted in the basic human tendenciespropensities o Want to improve our conditions o Wherever and whenever those 2 tendencies are allowed to fully develop wealth will increase and we will see the emergence of commercial society o There is historical causes of wealth and commercial societyo Without inhibition human beings will naturally move toward commercial societyBut it is not so what is stopping us from moving towards commercial society NATURAL PROGRESS OF OPULENCEOpulence being richThe natural way that societies should develop towards commercial society if nothing is getting in the way o Doesnt always work that way what blocks it Inhibitors Natural DevelopmentTheory of Social Change 1 Subsistence basic needsfood clothes etc comes before convenience and luxury 2 Moral argumentthe life of the farmer is the best life anybody who had the opportunity would rather be a farmer than anything else o You get to be independent beautiful countryside o Agriculture is a better life than manufacturing which is a better life than foreign commerce more control over your life 3 Town and countryside reciprocity o The countryside provides raw materials grow food mining etc which they grow and send to the town to the be manufactured into tools town also provides goods that the farmers need for more efficient labour o Town provides a market for all the extra that the countryside does not consumeMore surplus more manufacturing goods o Town develops as the agriculture develops y Only to the point that the farmers nearby let itIn Europe this development is completely backwards Agriculture Manufacturing Foreign commerce Farmers Manufacturers MerchantsTraders Country City InternationalINHIBITORS FAUDALISM MERCANTILISM 1 Fall of Rome
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