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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 and 5

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Dan Silver

Lecture Contd 4 and Lecture 5 SOCB42AgendaSmith ReligionMarx lifeIdeology critique 2 sections AlienationSmith Religionwhat happens to religions in more commercial societiesWhat public institution do government have to support so which institution cannot realize without helpWhat duties do government have with religion should they regulate religionhe is convinced that religion has a tendency to release a lot of energy leads ppl to do crazy thing how can govt keep this in checkDavid Hume argued that govt should make official established religion in order maintain social stabilityreligions always trying to get new believers so everyone gets worked out as they are trying to persuade everyone to their religionmakes religious leaders lazy and ppl less committed this was Humes argumentsmith disagrees with this given the fact of how they are establishedthey start off through political faction which is violent upbringing as politicians try to get religion onto their side as citizens who believe in a religion are more committedso question of if the bread is the body of Christ or is it a symbol of Christ ppl fought over these ideasso who helped fight wars got power from govtin the long run it weakens the religion it creates its own new social dangers their own authority depends on the religionhigh social danger as you have multiple authorities in an established religionwho are you supposed to follow allegiance to govt or religion interest do not always line upchurch wants to remain as an absolute authority with the ppl the one true teacher of how to save the soul so the govt is now dependent on the churchso ppl have the choice of listening to the govt or the church govt can be seen as a sinner and priests as good authority a direct opposition of attack against the church will create a division so only thing to do is manage incentives as eventually it loses appeal allowing the govt to become a higher powerbasic driving force is that you must get rich so the flow of riches must go through the churchessomewhat similar to baron ideology as now the church has knights and look at the priest as leaders and now that there is more money instead of parties the money goes towards silk clothes jewels now knights lose trustdependency depends on the morality of the priest if priest is a pure holy host then ppl follow them but as they start looking like elites with jewels and silk ppl see them as another elite allowing other religions to rise upNonestablished
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