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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Dan Silver

thOctober 24 Alienation Marxo The concept of experiencing not in tune with yourself The capitalist form of production produces mass alienation To understand what it is not to be alienated Expressing who you are in the product objectification Capitalism is a two class system according to Marx Owners and workers Smith had three class systems land owners and workerso Capitalists are those that own means of production and employ the workers they can only sell their labour timeo capitalists own means of production oworkers only have own labour time to sell o Things that alienate you o 1 Prevents Productive activity you are not producing anything from your own ideas or directly satisfying your needs it expresses the owners ideas and it is not coming from you That owner pays you a basic wage in the right to use your labour You are a tool to express his ideas The work becomes narrow and boring and you are working to get out of work to go do something else You find meaning in something else other than work When it should beo 2 Alienated from product You get alienated from the PRODUCT of your labour too Does not give you connections just because you created it but it is not your idea If you want to consume and use the thing that you made does not give you privilege access to
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