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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Dan Silver

December 1 Socb42Politics 1 Less poverty 2 Middle Class Property Ownersthe middle class have enough money to care about it a revolution is bad for property owners as they will lose everything3 Commercial habitsa lot of ppl are buying trading item and they want a source of stability4 Lack of public spiritis going to make revolution very hard to live if all these things stay in placeRealm of Ideas Culture 1 Democracy has Similar opinionswere not very diffn from each other we are all equal 2 Incremental innovation innovation comes piece by piece not as a flash the world changes very slowly 3 Domestic concernsyou only care about your home life no thought of movements to change the worldppl are worried about the next day4 Conformismwhat other ppl think is very importantmost ppl will conform to societies ways as they do not want to stick outpg 615real danger is stagnation every once in a awhile a new nation needs a new role of change to keep this energy alive it becomes rarer and rarer to happeneveryone tries to be unique but it is actually a lossAugust ComteHistoryalive from 1800 invented the word sociology initial term was social physicshe is a child of post revolution lived after the revolutioncomte wanted a new republic of equals unless there was some unifying ideathe old regime had a unifying theme like catholicafter the revolution there should be a new unifying ideafourier had an insight to thissaint simon his idea was the modern world was a world of science and they had to be in charge there had to be a religion based on science Comteideas are what drived society in history so new idea need you to work out your concept of idea some of his books were highly based or religious interpretation through a science waybased society on order and progress if you look at Brazil flag it says order and progress on it
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