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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ivanka Knezevic

Class OutlineCourseSOCB42H3YLecture 05052010Topic The nature and types of social theoryKey educational goalsoutcomes for todayUnderstand how theory differs from description in social sciences Define explanation and explication Understand the two main types of sociological explanation Define concepta building block of theoriesFamiliarize yourself with the three main types of sociological theories according to Ashley and OrensteinReadingsAshley and Orenstein Chapter TwoQuestions to guide the readingto think about ahead of time for studentsDefine the three types of sociological theory according to Ashley and OrensteinAshley and Orenstein consider Weber as an interpretivist or hermeneutical theorist Why How does this differentiate him from Marx Ref pg 29Are causation and correlation the sameWhat is a deductivenomological explanation Note that it is only possible if general scientific laws already exist The test of the explanation tests the theory at the same timeHow is the relationship of an interpretivist with subjects of her research different from that of a positivistAre positivism and interpretivism mutually exclusive WhyModern interpretivism includes nomothetic which is positivistoWeber synthesized themAGENDA FOR CLASSIntroductionToday we discuss the basic concept necessary to understand the role of theory in social sciences You will see that theory explains social phenomena and thus complements description the account of what happens in society Theory helps us understand causes and mechanisms of social phenomenaSyllabusThe main concepts for todayTheory
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