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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Ivanka Knezevic

Class OutlineCourseSOCB42H3YLecture 23062010Topic Karl Marx and historical materialismKey educational goalsoutcomes for todayUnderstand Marxs debt to Hegels ideas about dialectics as a mode of historical development and a mode of thinkingUnderstand that Marxs theoretical ideas were shaped by his belief that social change should be the goal of all knowledgeDefine basic Marxian concepts mode of production socioeconomic formation class etcKnow stages of historical development according to Marxs theory Understand that this is a socialevolutionist theory and what implications this has for explanations it offers ReadingsAshley and Orenstein Chapter SevenQuestions to guide the readingto think about ahead of time for studentsDescribe the most important streams in labour movement during Marxs lifetimeWhy was Marx considered a Young HegelianWhat is the importance of production in Marxs view of society and historyWhat is the importance of work for human beings according to MarxWhat is false consciousness and what are its causesWhy is Marxs methodology sometimes called negative and criticalDescribe Marxs views on the crisis of capitalism and its eventual outcomeAGENDA FOR CLASSIntroductionWe shall begin our discussion of views of Karl Marx by pointing out the debt he owed to Hegels philosophy You will see that Marxs understanding of history is Hegel turned on his head or as Lenin would later write Hegel turned back on his feet a historical materialism instead of historical idealismTest resultsThe main concepts for todayDialecticsMode of production
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