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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ivanka Knezevic

Class OutlineCourseSOCB42H3YLecture 07072010Topic Marxs anthropology concept of alienationKey educational goalsoutcomes for todayUnderstand that Marxs concept of human nature is historical human needs and potential develop through history limited by current economic and social conditionsDefine alienation and selfalienation Understand causes of alienation according to MarxKnow types of alienation that arise in the productive process in class societiesReadingsPetrovi Gajo 1963 Marxs Theory of Alienation Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 23 3 419426Questions to guide the readingto think about ahead of time for studentsWhat is the connection between alienation and objectification in the process of production according to MarxBriefly describe four aspects of alienation Are they independent from each other Why or why notWhy does Petrovi claim that the selfalienated man really is not a man What is the relationship between human essence and factual existence for a selfalienated manHow does Engels describe the original condition of human society Is that condition alienated or nonalienatedAGENDA FOR CLASSIntroductionWe continue our discussion of Marxs views on society by outlining briefly his understanding of historical development We will see that unlike Hegel Marx ascribes crucial importance to human agents in this process These agents can be viewed collectively as classes constantly acting out their conflicts with other classes and individually as human beings striving for social conditions that will allow them to develop their human potential to the fullestThe main concepts for todayHuman natureHuman potential
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