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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Ivanka Knezevic

Class OutlineCourseSOCB42H3YLecture 28072010Topic Friedrich NietzscheKey educational goalsoutcomes for todayUnderstand that the key to Nietzsches thinking lies in his protest against modernity which he believed to be both unsettling and stifling to individuals in whom he had a much greater interest than in social structuresUnderstand his belief in the importance of unfettered expression of life force which is always individual and includes urges to both good and evilKnow Nietzsche explanation of the genealogy of moralsUnderstand why postmodernist sociologists find Nietzsche who had no interest whatsoever in social structures appealingReadingsAshley and Orenstein Chapter FourteenQuestions to guide the readingto think about ahead of time for studentsWas Nietzsche an antiSemiteWhat opposing principles of human behaviour are visible in the ancient Greek tragedy according to NietzscheWhat is an bermensch Why should she not be subject to common moralityDescribe master and slave morality respectively Explain their historical connection How does this understanding of morality compare to that of MachiavelliWhat is ressentimentHow does Nietzsche understand Christian moralityDid Nietzsche write a complete system of philosophy WhyAGENDA FOR CLASSIntroductionNietzsche was the first major thinker in history whose work centred around disenchantment with modernity This disappointment explains the main features of his work antiuniversalism extreme individualism and extreme ethical relativism While such attitudes will resurface strongly in European philosophy and sociology of the 1930s and will become commonplace in the 1980s and 1990s Nietzsche has given them the first colourful and forceful expressionCourse evaluation
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