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Lecture 13

Lecture 13

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Dan Silver

LECTURE 13Last bit of Tocqueville and ComteTocquevilleRevolutions yComtePosition of Sociology y Nature of Sociology y OrderyProgress yFinal 2 essay options on Tocqueville1 comparison essay Marx and Smith are put together into the definitions A few for Tocqueville and 1 for Comte TocquevilleAre democratic society subjected to revolutionsyNo it looks like democratic societies are revolutionary with all sorts of change but there will not ybe any significant revolutions not in politics or new ideas Why will there be no political revolutionsLess poverty y People fighting for equality is usually how revolutions startyPoor people trying to get richer or rich people trying to step down on the pooryBut since in a democratic society everyone has a little bit but not everyone has a lot there is less ychance for revolutionMiddleclass property owners y Most people in democracy will have some property car house stuffyIf you have property revolution is bad for you because it might get whipped awayyLeast revolutionary class because everyone has a little so no one wants to rock the boatyAristocrats are even more revolutionary than middleclass propertyyAnd poor people are more revolutionary as they have nothing to loseyMiddle class has enough that they treasure it and doesnt want to lose ityCommercial habits y Traders seller having a little in the stock marketyInvestments today will hold more value tomorrowyCommercial habits lead people to stability instead of radical changeyLack of public spirity People have a little world that they care about and lack interest in politicsyMaking it hard for revolutiony As long as these 4 things are in place it will be VERY unlikely to see revolution in politics Why will there be no cultural or ideological revolutionsSimilar opinion y Less likely when people think alike if theres more social differences maybe this would be ydifferent and could be a source of difference
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