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Lecture 8

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Stevan Knezevich

July 7, 2010 LECTURE # 8 - Marx’s anthropology; alienation  Historically specific form of organisation of production, contingent on the stage of development of means of production  Forces of production: allow humans to transform nature in order to produce means of subsistence: means of production + labour  Means of subsistence is everything you need to survive  Means of production: raw materials, building, tools, all the physical objects needed to transform natural material into something that you need  Labour power: human capacity for labour  Labour power is everything that you know how to do  Marx says your employer has a right to your labour not your labour power  All the necessary tasks needed to complete the task is labour  Relationships of production: social relationships into which humans enter in the process of production, distribution, exchange and consumption  Ownership over means of production is the most important, but not the only relationship of production---the most important : it determines who has power over the organization; who controls the mode of production  Owners own means of production; they can drive income from them without being engaged in the production  Non owners have to engage in means of production; have to work on the terms of the owners  Control over means of production and the production process th  Became obvious when ownership and management separated in the 20 c.  (bottom)Economic basis: all the production which goes on in a society  (middle) Social superstructure: all the social relationships necessary to maintain teh economic basis  (top) Cultural superstructure: it includes politics and culture – ideology;  Relationships between basis and superstructure is mutually causal, with the ultimate causal primacy of the basis  Cultural phenomena can be explained in ultima analisi (final analysis) – by the processes and conditions of the economic base  Ideology is a means of social control more efficient than violence  Ideology are common beliefs within a group; the function of ideology i
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