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Dan Silver

Classical Sociological TheorySOCB42H3 thSeptember 26 2011 Lecture 3Propensity to TradeMarketsDOLSkilled Labor Propensity to BetterSavingCapital AccumulationHigher proportion of productive workersBoth chains lead to national wealth which then leads to commercial society These are universal ideasA commercial society is when we are all merchants and tradersand everybody in commercial society has to become oneWhy Does Money Exist Limits BarterVery restricteddoesnt allow market increaseUnless each party in the agreement has something the other one wants there wont be any tradingMoney is whatever everybody wantsso if you do not have something any person wants money allows that to happenAbstract conceptmoney What Qualities Makes It must be something that lasts It must be able to be dividedUse value is exchangeValue is what you get out of it the exchange is what you can get from it Ex Cornthe value of corn is eating it the exchange is the money from itMarketsNatural Price The natural price of something is basically however much it costs to brin
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