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SOCB42 Oct 11 Government and its Duties (continued) Education According to smith free market for education is good way to go. If no public universities/teachers performance was not tied to fees from students, they wont have incentive to teach anybody wants to hear about. if u get salary no matter what you dont care what they want to learn about. how things can go wrong is the medieval university. the monastery had control. university ran by catholic church. they taught about christian metaphysics. had nothing to do with your life but a different life (heaven etc). Smith was against this. break down medieval university move toward public education that would be more about the world we live in. Ancient Medieval Commercial Topics Physics, ethics, Ontology, For the rich: rhetoric, gym, pneumatology everything. For the music (they were (understanding the workers: basics, all teaching how to other world) physical training, understand the and science. Made actual world them less better) susceptible to superstition. Payment Fee Endowment Rich pays a lot. Poor pays smaller fees. Purpose Citizenship Train priests Rectify problems of Division of Labour. P. 287 Problems of DOF: 1. Simple job makes a simple mind. he thought, DOL makes people stupid. why? not challenged, dont have to adapt to changing situation, mind is not doing differnt things. somewhat not think independent. doing monotonous work. not a way to broaden mind. 2. decline in public spirit. when u get so focused on specific task ur mind gets lazy. cant see yourself in conection to the bigger picture. (overall good of society weaken problem for citizenship) 3. produces coward. 4. makes you physically weak. doing the same task. it works best when it is regualr and predictable. corage is the abilty to respond appropriately to unpredictable situtations. the only way to do that is to face unpreidctable situations on a regular basis. hard to be courageous string willed person in this situation DOL. DOL makes human body less and less ohysically able to do work? Education is the best remedy for these problems. strong public education to counteract the problems. the poor wont have luxury to pay for school. so he thought that we need to have public education system primarily for the working class. as they make up majority of the population nd u dont want the majority of population to be stupid etc. rich pays more fees than the poor. MAin goal was to reengage citiizenship like that in the ancient world. Religion government should have establish official religion because it gets lazy and energy gets weaken thus no danger, because they arent seeking members. no free religion. hume thought that was socially dangerous. it works up powerful potent emotion (superstition, fundamentalism). we need to control that. Smith disagrees and believes that it creates instability. He believe the best thing is free religion Government and religion dont get created out of nowhere. it starts in political conflict. different pol grps fighting w/ each other. pne group enlists a religion. it inspries ppl and they get to win. Wars of religion in england (protestant; catholic). if they win, u owe that religion because they help u to win so u set it up as the official religion. the pope knows teh truth of god he was higher than the king. in one society two powers each claiming (scepter and the crown) they see the one true absolute power. the king cant go against the pope. the king is constraint and his authority is weaker. how to control> cant take it on directly but the best thing to create stability is to manage their incentive> as it is highly dependent on the favor of the priests. the government can: a) the preist were like barons , had monasteries etc. open up trade give them things to buy they wont spend on those in monasteries. they are men of god; if they lose respect of ppl and not exemplify the msg of teh gospel (life of simplicity) this opens up room for other religions, offer a different life. lose moral authorty. this takes it down as an official religion. now we move to non established religious situation. Established Non-Established Origin Political conflict Impartial Energy Low High (trying to recruit new ppl, very active) Interests Absolute authority Maintain morality, attract disciples Social Danger High; due to multiple Low (many small authorities competing grps unlikely that any will get too big; even one starts to grow,
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