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SOCB42 Oct 25 [email protected] (if you have any questions) miodterm: identification> series of quatations from the authors read< you must list the source (smith/marx) then therer will be definitions frm smith and marx key terms from theri ideas, there will a choice of 3 out of 4/5. then you explain mweaning of term, its's importance, significance adn illustrate it concretely withreal examples. then there is a short essay The Communist Manifesto As a literature 1. An ode to the bourgeoisie: raise level of prosperity the capitalist class have transformed the world. brought out human capacities and potential that havent been developed. it begins by praising the power and wisdom of the bourgeoisie 2. the tragedy of the bourgeoisie the proletariat tragedy>is what happens becsuse u are being the very best at what you do, but it eventually tears you down. in creating more capital they create the seed of their own destruction because they created the proletariat, which becomes stronger and larger than them. they have created the very conditions that bring them down. 3. the proletarian comedy communism comedy>stories that start out in a dark place but end up in a better place in the end. horrific system the bougies create but after the communist revolution we will have an happy ending. each person contributes to the best of abilities, contributes to a communal fund etc. History as Class-Struggle pg.473 ^ the history of all history is a struggle b/w clasess. all of society, you will find that are defined and divided by property, who has and who doesnt, and it is the relationship to property that breaks soicety off into diifeerent clases. there is always tension b/w the classes. the players over time has changed as the forms of property has changed. those who have capital (private property purpose which is to generate more) and the ppl who dont have nly is alble to sell their labour for wages . Class is now simplified in modern capitalist society. The Bourgie p 477-8 1. Feudal Origins: the dicovery of the new world opened up new markets for the europeans. presented new opporutnities. the feudal system couldnt meet the demand of the new markets. out of this came the emergence of manufacturing etc (474) 2. rise of Political Power: (475) 3. revolutionary character: taking down the monarchy and the old church. make them do the idding of the manufacturers. (476) [politics is relly about making money, church just tries to impose power]. stripping off the illusions , that life would be more than that. a new norm was to develop> capitalism (creative destruction) alwasy under pressure to create newwer better.
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