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SOCB42 Democratic politics - administrative decentralization o better for democracy to have decentralized o citizens participate - newspapers o characteristic of a democratic society o journalist; someone that knows nothing and expresses - voluntary organizations o freedom and right to associate and get together to create assemblies and associations to push ideas o able to gather all sorts of people behind a cause o characteristic of democracy o create activism and authority outside the system o it is possible to be more committed to these organizations than the society as a whole - mediocre leadership o how they stay on course o regular people o decisions in the long haul are in the interest of regular people - patriotism o two ways to motivate people to do important things  religion inspires people to try things  patriotism  feeling of love and dedication for something o instinctive patriotism  younger generations o reflective patriotism  results from actually seeing something with your own eyes the goodness of the country - rule of law o built into democratic politics/ society o laws should rule and not people o aristocracy; people rule (prince and kings) o problem; what if you make a really bad law?  We are subject to the law, cant just change it democratic culture - social state o equality of conditions - change something here o something will change over there - philosophy o part of culture o democratic people do have a philosophy o consequence of the democratic social state o cultural commitment that is built into the society o nobody is supposed to be higher or better than anyone else  turns you back on yourself  you cannot trust any great philosopher o there
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