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Dan Silver

Alienation Capital Mystification Commodities Exploitation Alienation; not feeling like you (psychological) Reason for alienations is because they work in a system and not being their true cause Capitalist economy Working for wages, etc Non alienated labour; turning things into something else to satisfy our needs 1. Objectification a. Creating things in a non-objectifying way b. Marx’s meaning i. Ideas into a physical object 2. Satisfies material needs a. Takes something in the world that has no directedness to human needs into something we need 3. Self-transformative a. Changes you in the aspect of changing it b. Changing nature c. We are also being changed in the process i. Ex. Artist making a song d. We get new needs and new desires i. Cycle starts again ii. Changes you Pg 74 Sees capitalism as a 2 class system Owners; have capital Workers; no capital, sells labour Capitalists get the outcome of the labour Time spent at work is time thinking of being at home Workers are not at home with themselves when they’re at work When they’re at home, they are not their true self because they are their truest self at work Most comfortable when you’re not where you’re supposed to be 4 aspects of creating alienation 1. Productive activity a. Working for others, you’re not expressing yourself into the product you’re making but rather just a tool 1. Not your imagination being expressed 2. Work is boring, depressing, etc. because it’s not you 2. Product a. At the end of the day, its not yours i. Even though you produced it, you have no connection with it b. The things you made are not there for you to satisfy your needs i. There for you to trade for other things you want ii. Things that you consume define you more than the things that you produce 1. We are all alienated because its not the work that we did 3. Fellow workers a. Work can be a collective process where we all come together with our abilities to produce a collective fund of goods i. Enable each of us to be the best that we can be b. Workers are placed to be in competition with one another i. Owners put them together to get the most productivity c. Process of what could be a coming together of a collective good i. Becomes somewhere where all you do is compete with one another d. Alienated from other people 4. Human potential a. Work could be and should be the transformation and fulfillment of our deepest human capacities b. Where we feel least human i. Seen as machines c. Things we do during the day are scripted and designed by someone else i. That’s why it is such a boring and depressing state d. Only way you can change it is if you change the system Capital Mystification; people believe what they want to believe in Marx feels like he needs to show people what things really are (demystification) Human beings dominating other human beings 1. Philosophical/ religious a. Been demystified in the 100 years (ish) b. Emanual caunt i. Believe that we do not have the mental capacities according to god, but that we have the ability to come up with that ; the world goes around us ii. ‘Life of jesus’ 1. First time he was referred to as a person and not a religious figure a. In a way taking the mystery out c. Ludwick fauerbach i. Essence of Christianity 1. Pope, church, a. Starts to look more and more like the wizard of oz i. Seen as big man, but behind the curtain, really small 2. Political a. You would see someone of the higher species than yourself i. Respect their authority because they are who they are b. There was an illusion/ mystery that they were higher and if you were not one of them, you are below them 3. Economic a. It doesn’t seem at the first glance that the realm of economics has the same
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