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Historical causes of wealthNatural progress of opulenceInhibitorsFeudalism Mercantilism Government and its dutiesDefenseJusticeEducation religion Universal natural tendency to have a commercial societyProblem with smiths never happens everyone is poor doesnt become commercial societyEurope has been poorWhat is the natural developmental courseNatural progressStart with agriculture then starting to manufacture raw materials etc and then manufacturing working on those raw materials and then you can start commerce trading products 1 Subsistence first a Worry about basics 2 Moral claima Life of the farmer was an attractive life at the time i 1776 ii Go and set up own farm iii Have your own property under your own eyes iv Own boss under own control v Less dependence on things far away vi Less uncertain vii Beautifulb No more room to be a farmer they will have to become manufacturer if those run out then they will have to be merchants 3 Countrytown reciprocitya Countryside provides all the raw materials that the town needs b Europe worked backwardsi Foreign trade manufacturing then agricultureReasons why it worked feudalism 1 Fall of Rome a Most advanced civilizedb 475 AD rome collapsed beginning of dark ages in Europe c people forgot to do stuff couldnt read couldnt build buildings sanitation governors trade was hard roads military police force d anarchy for a while 2 Warlord Land grab
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