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Dan Silver

Socb43 lec 11 Mead science morality Simmel Life Forms of association Quantitative aspects of groups Conflict domination sociability Conflict between science and morality Teleogy vs mechanism tele telos purpose of goal teleogy purpose oriented perspective Your action is oriented by goal life is about to trying what the goals are what is the purpose of life Adjust yourself to the goal Mechanism more scientific Dont ask about what the goals and purposes are In nature just a bunch of stuff happening doesnt necessarily have to have a purpose ex what is mud forpurpose of life P3133 Human do not exist for a reasonscientific vs religion scientific cold truth no aims and purpose religion for higher purpose no way to get both togetherpossibly bring these two together Think of aim and purposes and mean According to some scientific means both the means and purposes can be adjusted Two things can be incorporated Ex p36 best way to live healthier Invent drugs and surgical technique hospitals application of scientific principle as a way to achieve goalhealthtreating human in a highly scientific way as mere unit to be treated but not emotional humanmechanistic Leaving people feel cold and alienated then people might rethink about the goal of achieving health meditation Yoga More expansive more wholly Intelligently reconstructing your goal Both can be changed in the course of actionCult vs functional institution Easy to say in the process in pursing your goal you to should subject your goal But hard to do somewhat easier to just focus on scientific research and neglect personal emotional problem Why is it hard to reformulate your goal while it seems better to do it Becuz some org need cultCult institution keep up a vision of the world that doesnt currently exist but they wish it didEx Christian church ideal of democracy and qualityin early Christianity emerged in huge inequalityGave a possible way of life defined by qualityImportance keeps that vision alive who are living in reality Even you know equality does not exist but the that org provides hope But when people realize
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